The CILAMCE 2018 – XXXIX Ibero-Latin American Congress on Computational Methods in Engineering will take place in Paris/Compiègne, France, from 11 to 14 November. CILAMCE is an annual conference – promoted by the Brazilian Association of Computational Methods in Engineering (ABMEC) – intended as an international forum for communicating recent developments of numerical methods in several engineering areas.

Since 1977, when it was founded by the emerging Brazilian community of computational mechanics under the leadership of the late Prof. Agustín Ferrante, CILAMCE has become the main opportunity for engineers, students, researchers and other professionals mainly from Brazil and Latin-America to discuss and explore the state of the art of computational methods.

CILAMCE is a multidisciplinary event: scientists and engineers from all over the world are encouraged to attend the conference. The technical program will include six invited plenary speakers and a large number of mini-symposia with contributed papers.

As it already has become a tradition, there will be a special competition – the Agustín Ferrante Award – to acknowledge undergraduate students who show potential for outstanding scientific achievements.

At this time it is hosted by the Sorbonne universités, Université de technologie de Compiègne.

We look forward to welcoming you to Paris/Compiègne at CILAMCE 2018.

Prof. Adnan Ibrahimbegović
Chairman CILAMCE 2018

Prof. Paulo M. Pimenta
Co-chairmen CILAMCE 2018